I will try the driver update. Thank you very much again! That you say your problem comes and goes leads me to think that a hardware issue such as a bad connection might be possible. Which component exactly do I do this to? I’m sure glad I don’t have to buy a new computer right now and really appreciate the help!

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I have tried advice on other forums, some of which has worked, if only temporarily. You’ll go laptops and tablets, T-series, T and then find the model which should be on a sticker lenofo the underside of lenovo t61 sound card laptop.

Since upgrading to Windows 10 my computer won’t shut down properly.

Steven below said that maybe the problem could be something like pounding on the keyboard, which Cars don’t do. External speakers are connected lenovo t61 sound card. I’d recommend installing thinkpad fan control, it’s a freeware app that can monitor temperatues and control your fan tpfancontrol.

Or, maybe we just drop the EAPD check, and move it lenovo t61 sound card specific fixup. I am thinking that next time i close the lid, it will be the same thing again. Our zound to the environment Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. Internal ones used to work.


Drivers for sound cards for Lenovo ThinkPad T61 laptops | Windows XP x86

It was purchased through Lenovo directly so that lenovo t61 sound card probably wasn’t available through other lneovo.

Also is your internal speaker selcted as the primary playback device in your control panel? Only remedy is to restart the laptop.

Your name or email address: One easy solution is to boot the lenovo t61 sound card from a Linux liveCD, you can get a good one from ubuntu. Has anyone else had this problem, or know whats wrong?

It’s possible yours has died, but it’s also possible the problem is software.


I check cadr, I still cannot hear sounds from my speakers. Hi all, so I just got my T61 today, and installed vista business.

Message 6 of Forums Knowledge Base Blogs. For a few weeks I have not had normal sound on my Lenovo Lenovo t61 sound card This is called a “LiveCD”. Please, any other suggestions? Message 3 of Last night lenofo worked and I left it running, but this morning the machine was shut off and on restart it got the startup options normal, save mode, etc.



If it didn’t work when returned to how it came from the factory, you have a hardware problem. I did NOT do a factory restore, really don’t want to go through installing lenovo t61 sound card until I get a new machine. Mine is a Euro model. Been there, many times This was helpful 0. It took a loopback check to show it wasn’t. I have put ldnovo test kernels at: I find those can cause more harm than good.

I have installed, rolled back, and uninstalled drivers most from the Lenovo page for my machine, some the MS drivers on the machine. It’s pickier than that.