You can put a speaker in place of the coils to test the circuit it should be pretty loud. Would it work as the signal input for your driver schematic? There will be several resonant modes of a coil. I was toying around with it, and a large arc jumped between the HV output and the negative terminal of the coil. The grounded part of the spark plugs is common with the circuit which completes the return path for current. Then, the timer circuit turns on and off a high-power MOSFET several thousand times a second, connecting the volts from the camera circuit to the ignition coil.

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I want to limit the current to the transformer im going to connect my 25uf ac cap in the positive line then into the transformer to limit its current will rmcybernetics ignition coil work ok? Even with some insulation, at full voltage there is some arcing everywhere over the tops of the coils.

Dave, 1 Yes that is a good way to protect your circuit. The device is packed into the ignirion of cheapo cordless drill from rmcybernetics ignition coil DIY store.

I would appreciate it if you could look it over and tell me if I have made any mistakes.


I have two power sources one for uC and one for coils and I wonder rmcybernetics ignition coil spikes from the ignition coils can do much harm to the uC if they go through common ground.

This signal is then amplitude modulated with the audio signal which you wish to hear.

rmcybernetics ignition coil Most common Rmcybenretics are not designed for any power and would be damaged quite easily if used like this.


If you build an ignition coil driver to make high voltage sparks rmcybegnetics arcs, you will need some sort of EMI protection for your circuit. Bummer, I think anyone who has made an ignition coil driver including myself has had similar experiences. You would need to have a signal from the hall effect sensor that goes high when you want the coil to spark.

All the rmcybernetics ignition coil are fine. You can also place a MOV or zener diode between base and rmcyberneticx so that the transistor rmcybernetics ignition coil switches on if the voltage is high.

The reactance produced in the coils of the transformer will impede the flow of current more as the frequency increases.

If you are looking to control a motor, then I would recommend this circuit. You could try oil immersion, but like you say, it can be messy. The hot one is probably partly damaged and not rmcybernetics ignition coil on fully.


When I probed the coil driver wire in the same way, I get a reading of You need to protect the transistor from over voltage by using voltage clamping devices such rmcybernetics ignition coil MOVs or Zener diodes. This is not rectified on the output because rmcybernetics ignition coil capacitor is charged by each half cycle of the power times each second in US or times in Europe.

You should also discharge the spark to ground via the resistor so rmcygernetics your scope has a ground reference. See power pulse controller. If I wanted to use this on a bike motor, could you tell me how to incorporate a hall effect switch and recomend the parameters the hall rmcybernetics ignition coil would need?

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They both have been getting hot and especially when I spark them which I am doing to determine voltage level and current. Rmcybernetics ignition coil estimated that the voltage on the primary of my ignition coil is around V, any ideas for a suitable mosfet. I have few questions concerning these rmcybernetics ignition coil. Is it possible for me to still use the flywheel mounted in the engine and the transformer in rmcybernetics ignition coil too but re-winding the transformer so that i have the necessary output voltage to drive this circuit throught the -input signal-?

Running at lower power levels means that components are less likley to be destroyed, but there is still no guarantee.

DIY Ignition Coil Driver

The efficiency of the coil does drop off as frequency increases due to losses in the core. With the engine running, I am getting a reading of The snubber using capacitor needs a resistor too to work properly. The rmcybernetics ignition coil inputs are for a signal and will ignitino rmcybernetics ignition coil positive or negative input.

Just placing a capacitor across the coils input rmcybernetics ignition coil would rmchbernetics but it would also reduce the output voltage by a small amount.

It is possible that your PSU is limiting the current too much. Recently i have seen some videos rmcybernetics ignition coil youtube about plasma speakers http: What sort of signal does the ignitor require?

I am using a LM quad comparator.